Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My Mom made the girls some new dresses.

Note the height of my tallest sunflower! :)

The girls dance with grandpa. I used to dance on my paternal grandfather's feet when I was small.

K slides

We did a lot of biking this weekend. My parents borrowed my Uncle C's van so that they could bring their 'trikes' with them. I was still feeling punk from the sinus infection on Saturday morning but really wanted to go riding (I hadn't ridden for over a week because of the cold/infection).

We rode to the playground with the girls and then Dad offered to let me try one of the trikes. So I rode off on Mom's with the intention of going back to some wildflowers I saw to photograph them.

It wasn't meant to be. I crashed. Trikes (at least the style of my parents) are not so easy to keep balanced as one might think. I was going fast and slid along on my right side. I got the bike up and discovered the chain was off. I could not get it back on. Two people passed me by before a Samaritan walking a huge retriever stopped to help. We discovered that I had actually shifted the gears about an inch. We got it back together with minimal grease to his hands and I returned to the playground. I was spent, covered with grease, and sore.

That evening I went for a trike ride with Dad and he tutored me a bit. We went about eight miles.

On Sunday morning, we put the girls in a trailer and went on a twelve mile bike ride before church. It was a fun weekend. I have lots of scrapes, a sore shoulder, and the insides of both my knees seem to be bruised. So goes life, I guess. :)

Mom and Dad went home with lots of produce from my garden, they went home with squash, cucumbers, jalapeƱos, and this cabbage (they didn't' need any of my tomatoes, not sure I would have shared anyhow).

Mom gave me a slightly belated anniversary present this weekend and there is a larger one coming). This is a flower aquarium. The flowers are enclosed in water. My Mom thought it would be nice for me to be able to bring flowers indoors without everyone's allergies going nuts. This is the first arrangement I made.

This is my latest arrangement in my flower aquarium. I wanted to play with possibilities. This is celosia and banana peppers. My husband thought it was a protea at first glance.


  1. What a photographic feast. And Jack could climb up that sunflower stalk to find the giant!

  2. Wow on many accounts. That flower aquarium could be a really great solution for me. If I try to have flowers inside, my cats eat them.

  3. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Those flower aquariums are just beautiful what a wonderful idea!

    And your sunflowers make me want to cry in jealousy! I'll try to remember to take a picture of our sad, limp, tiny sunflower plant to show you...it'll make you weep. **Shakes fist at rain clouds** LOL

  4. I love the flower aquarium! How did you do that???? and those dresses! well, never mind the dresses your girls even more gorgeous than the stunning little dresses they have on!

  5. Oooo i love those flower globes, what a GREAT idea. And thank you Me so much for the sweet gift you sent of the coloring book and pins (i just got them), what a wonderful surprise : )



  6. Flower aquarium, must check that out. We have the whole flower allergy thing--though I have found that the new nearly smell free roses they carry at the grocery store don't trigger a reaction. :) Beautiful.

  7. Wow!!! the photos are amazing. I'm droolin everytime i see awesome photos. It awakens my interest in photography. Hope I can cultivate on it someday. Same like yours, I have allergic rhinitis that sometimes lead to sinusitis. Poor meeh! lol