Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the things along trails...

eating popcorn and watching the train pass by...

I know limited depth of field and weird angles don't thrill everyone like they do me and if they don't thrill you. I'm sorry.

someday a monarch

a common little roadside weed...


  1. Absolutely wonderful! I have a thing for depth in photos and long to figure out how to paint with that in mind. Still working on it.

  2. Wonderful photographs, Me. So beautiful to see the colorful butterfly in black and white.

    And just how do you get your girlies to sit so still in their bike buggy?? My two wiggle wormy boys would have the bike tipped over and be scrambling out by the time I got the camera turned on. Oops - wait - I think I see your secret ... popcorn! lol Missed that part.

  3. I really like the catterpillar. So lovely! I'm happy to see your bike trailor. It still looks like a lot of work to me! I'm not so good at riding a bike anymore.

  4. Beautiful photos. Love the monarch caterpillar!

  5. Hi Me,

    Oooooo, i love that last one! I'm assuming its a flower, but it reminds me of the beautiful crystals found in water : )