Friday, June 29, 2007

a little assistance, please

For book club this month, we read Interview with the Devil by Clay Jacobsen. I posted two different sets of reactions to the book. One on my book blog and the other at Suite101.

Anyone who is willing to read them and give me their thoughts would be find themselves appreciated.

Also, I started a new feature on my blog sidebar called Current Events where I will mention my daily writing activities or other items of note for those who are interested. In this feature, you will find a link to a reading poll I set-up for Suite101. I would so appreciate every single last one of you who takes the time to do the one-question survey!

Oh, I've paddled on the ocean,
I've tramped on the plain.
But I never saw a window cry
Because it had a pain.


  1. Just read your Suite 101 post. It is a good question. In my new book club (I've never been in one before) there seems to be a chasm between the people who want to read Chick Lit (nothing wrong with that) and those that want to read something that can really spark a discussion.

    I think I do recommend a lot of books, some controversial or dealing with unpopular topics, but I guess I would try to point out the type of literature and any negatives, because that will help the reader figure out if that is what they want to read at this point in time.

    Does that make sense?

  2. Took the poll :) and saw you'd reviewed 'Peace Like a River' which I believe is a WONDERFUL book. Read it a couple of years ago for a book club and I didn't want to. Sure glad I did!m

  3. I read them both yesterday, but I was too foggy and dizzy headed to comment:

    I feel much the same about recommending books to people, it becomes such a vulnerable thing to do -- considering I get far too attached to books and their "being" to be open to criticism from another reader. Explains why I took a history major in university and not english literature.

    Interesting observation about the choices we make regarding the books we read -- comfort does seem to rule. I know I can shy away from difficult subjects/topics. I find it especially difficult being a christian and a reader -- seems to be a more contentious issue amongst believers than perhaps it should be.

    And I am not sure I qualify to take the poll since I am Canadian.