Thursday, May 03, 2007

I've been busy writing.

Pop Goes the Weasel: Making Sense of Nonsense

Hansel and Gretel: A Tale of Childhood Terror Tamed by Time

The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Seen as a Quest Narrative

The Reluctant Dragon: An Enchanting Tale of Friendship

Hey Diddle, Diddle: A Nursery Rhyme About Court Intrigue

Will the Real Alice Please Stand?: The Story of a Little Girl who Inspired Alice in Wonderland

Education: How To Best Recall Information for A Sequential Learning Style

Education: How to Best Recall Information for a Global Learning Style


  1. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I confess to just 'lurking' as of late...but I always enjoy visiting here. I loved your title interpretations and I pray that you are no longer in a 'blue' mood.

  2. I meant to tell you--you and I seem to sahare a fascination with old nursery rhymes and their history. I have been reading some of your articles (not time for all mind you) and had come to similar conclusions in my research. Not many of us out there.

    And I LOVE the Reluctant Dragon.

  3. Your articles on learning styles were very good. You would enjoy the book "The Way They Learn" by Cynthia Tobias. Good stuff! :o)