Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm tired

I'm tired of feeling like I am slogging up a muddy ugly hill. What is the purpose of this exercise? I am angry. I am angry and I don't want to let go because I feel justified and I get tired of doing the 'right' thing.

The other day when I was asked a question by a little girl I told her the answer. I said "Because Mommy says so." Really it was all the answer she needed. She wouldn't understand any other answer even if I gave it to her. She won't understand until she grows up and probably not until she has children of her own.

God does the same thing to us, because we wouldn't understand the answer even if He gave it to us. We won't understand until we grow up and that will be an entirely different life.


  1. ((Me)) Praying for you ~ whatever it is.

  2. Oh my, this sounds like something I can identify with, but I've never had the wisdom to recognize the Lord telling us that like we do with our children. You've certainly enlightened me here. Truly.

    Hang in there.

  3. I never thought of God's direction in quite that way Me, but it makes real sense. I think i'll remember this.

    Prayers for the journey uphill...

    Paix, Wendy

  4. I'm angry too.

    I've not 'done' angry much in my life, and I fear I am not doing it correctly.

  5. It's hard when we want a different answer and all we get is "because I said so." I hope you find peace very soon.

  6. Would it help to talk call me. I will try to listen and not talk too much. When I talk too much, I have a habit of fainting. So then you could really pour out your anger.

  7. I think it's challenging to be an adult, when you're still just a "kid" in the kingdom. Good thoughts!