Sunday, February 04, 2007

more value than silver, more precious than gold

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...

Okay - yes I have an over-ambitious anal streak. However, a decision was made without my participation (as such decision is often made - but I am working on moving past that) and that is we will have Christmas at the in-laws in CA this year. The MIL wants a huge 'H-family' get together where I wow them all with my prowess as a party planner and gift maker. I did this once before for a big 'H' combined birthday party and I guess my success was such that the MIL is ready to go the first party favors are made and ready to dispatch - hankie angels. There need to be at least twenty - we managed to thrift enough hankies for sixteen so not many left to go...

Last time my reward for the mental exhaustion of the previous 'H' party was a little photo trip for me to the mission in San Juan Capistrano. Photo trips are sanity for me when in CA so I will definitely find somewhere cool to go in December.

Okay - I may not leave 'UFO's' lying around in the sense of dropped projects but some projects wait a very long time for completion as I like to 'multi-project.' These hand-prints are case in point. They were started last February when I made some egg-carton paper-mache for another project. I didn't embed the hanger in the back until about a month ago when I was ready to start another mache project and would have enough material on hand to finish them. They were on hold but never forgotten or replaced!!

The hand-prints are mine with the hand-prints of the two girls inside them.


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Those angels and handprints are so cool!! I just don't understand where you find the time!!!

  2. I'm drooling over your thrifted hankies :) I never have been able to find any I liked. Maybe I'll have some luck now. New thrift stores...

    The hand prints are so precious. I love the way the tiny size of your girl's hands is highlighted by being placed in your own.

  3. Wonderful! I love the angels :)


  4. I am so doing the handprint thing -- love it -- and the angels are very cute too. Good luck on the party prep.


  5. Oh!

    You need to put a 'too cute' warning when you post things like those hankie angels.

    I nearly passed out from the fabulous cuteness of them!

    I'm presently drinking that "Dan-active" stuff I saw advertized on TV. Not because I think my immune system is poor, but because I have an idea for those cute little white plastic bottles they come in.

    Goodness. And I think it's my husband who is weird...

  6. Hey, it lost my comment.

    If you should need more hankies let me know--I work for an antique appraiser part time and have huge collection that I was using to make skirts for the girls. Now that my sewing machine isn't working I am not making anymore and have been looking for new projects in which to use them.

  7. It sounds like a healing Christmas is coming up nex year, and I'm happy for you. And those little angels, don't even get me started : )

    Blessed Week : ) Wendy

  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    cutest...and I looooooove those hankies.

  9. The hanky angels are divine! I'd love to have an 'H' party!