Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the insanity of being me

Yesterday, I finally got us some new bookshelves I've been trying to get them through freecycle, but they are always pending by the time I email. So I bought these at Goodwill. A tip, you know the millions that Target donates to charity? A lot of it is stuff that is returned or doesn't sell in the store and guess to whom it is donated, Goodwill. This was a composite board bookshelf. It weighed a ton and I had to put it together - but I had it done and loaded with books by the end of the day.

The swan/goose on top of the bookshelf. She is wearing a scarf from my husband's paternal grandmother. When my MIL gave it to me I tied it around her neck and it has stuck (figuratively, not literally).

This a bookshelf made by my maternal grandfather as a wedding gift for us. It is actually pegged and glued together and the back is solid wood too.

This is a thrift store bookshelf - it is handmade by someone and is very sturdy - a good thing.

So while I have a flash and am photographing in the basement, here is a shot of an old school chalkboard map that I dismantled and glued onto the roller for your standard roller blinds.

Which leads me to the inanity of this morning. This morning, I took the girls for a forty-five minute drive down to the opposite side of our metropolitan area to pick up these free bricks I found listed on freecycle. Last summer, I dug up the sod near the back of our yard so that I could grow sunflowers again. We used to have giant sunflowers at our old place and they always filled me with joy. Until we built our fence we had no good place for them here. Even then, I didn't dig out a spot for them. Now they have a spot but it isn't edged and my husband thought it ought to be. He also suggested that I find away to edge the lilacs from our neighbors yard that I am allowing to creep into our yard because I had lilacs growing up and I had them at the old place and I miss them here. He has no problem with letting some move over - he just wants boundaries to make mowing easier. My free solution is this stack of 177 free bricks.

My shoulders and wrists are a bit sore but I did it!!

Before we left this morning I mounted this prism that I bought from American Science and Surplus in the entry window. You'll see more in my next post.3


  1. Hi Me, I really like how you display your book covers on the shleves. A friend of mine got this idea to use the display type shelves that libraries use for their new books, and it worked so well (the lilbrary was giving their display shelf away when updating so she nabbed it). An idea might be to ask your libraries to contact you if they ever give them away, I have a feeling you might like them.

    I also loved your goose. Scarfed goose no less : ) They are such amazing birds!

    Blessed Week : ) Wendy

  2. There is nothing like a well-built bookshelf, is there? I have one that is leaning so far over that I don't know how it is staying up. There are some solid ones in storage and they continue to call me. Tim doesn't seem to hear them, though. lol

    All those bricks! Must feel good even though you're sore.

    I like the goose with the scarf.

  3. Wow, you've had a busy day.

  4. I love bookshelves, and I need more of them. Every time I buy a new book an old book has to go in the closet or a box.

    I like the goose!

  5. Anonymous2:21 PM

    How can it be possible that you spent yuor Tuesday the same way I did????? I spent it hunting in Thrift stores for a BOOKCASE!!!! and I found one, not at Goodwill but at one operated by a local church.....I now have 4 bookcases in my study...yippee..that means I have lots of beautiful books!!!! :) I love your goose and prism by the way.

  6. Anonymous2:22 PM

    P.S. What a great deal on those bricks!! I wish I had thought of Freecycle when I edged my gardens this past spring. I need to learn to be smarter with out money...one of the things that is darkening my days lately.