Tuesday, December 26, 2006

more tricks from a two-year-old

My dear friend from Scotland, Toppy, sent K this pacifier (or as they are called in our house, pipe).

K loves it. It was her new favorite pipe. But...

This afternoon when the girls were supposed to be napping, there was a tremendous racket coming from K's room. I decided to let her bang around for awhile before I went in to remind her what she was supposed to be doing. I went downstairs and found C up and going to the bathroom. She asked me what I was doing. She said I was so loud that she couldn't sleep and she had even tried counting sheep. I said it wasn't me, it was K and decided maybe I should look in on K. I found her in the corner behind the nightstand, she had taken the cover of the heat duct and was shoving her pipes down the ducting. I pulled out all the ones I could reach...unfortunately, I think the buckteeth must have gone down the pipe - as I can't find them anymore.


  1. I want a pipe like that!

    Too too cute, that girl.

  2. You wouldn't believe the stuff we've pulled out of our heat ducts :) Fortunately, the boys seem to have outgrown those antics. Before we moved here Hubby went into the basement and pulled apart one of the ducts below the dining room vent. We found *all kinds of things* that were missing. We had finally clued in that the boys had been dropping them down the vent :)

  3. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Oh you are so talented!!! What awesome photos as always...but after all...such beautiful girls you have ;)....I love that "pipe"...hope you find it.

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Lol, but so sad you lost the funny pipe (dummy) down the ducting.

  5. I wonder if your dad pulled things like that?