Friday, November 24, 2006

thanksgiving is passed but not the giving of thanks...

We had an easy going day. We went no where and no one came to us. In the morning, we went to one of our favorite state parks and hiked in to the playground in the middle. The girls played for awhile and then we hiked back out. We ate a light lunch and then all of us took long winter's naps.

After our naps, we made the feast that C planned for us. It consisted of:

mashed potatoes
peanut butter sandwhiches
(clean) noodles

We prayed special prayers of thanksgiving before we ate and we (at least the three oldest of us) ate until we were stuffed.

A simple day.


  1. your Thanksgiving sounds perfectly wonderful :)

    I've always thought one should try to include a bit of nature in Thanksgiving Day...

    my bit of nature yesterday was tromping through the backyard to the hammock where my DB#1 and his fiance (e? I always forget) were enjoying the pleasant afternoon...I think I know what I'm getting them for a wedding present :)

    Have a good day...we may be driving to see the ILs...still waiting on the final word from Mr G...

  2. Sounds perfect.

  3. Now that's my kind of day :) We love hiking and just being out in nature together. I've been thinking we should get our family suited up with cross country skiing equipment so we get outside more in the winter. As an added bonus, no worrying about bears since they're all asleep :)