Sunday, November 26, 2006

snippets of home

Our house is a split entry so this is what you see as you walk in above the entry to the right. The middle clipboard is now sent off to Scotland as a gift. You can also see just a smidge on the left one of my tie bags.

Basket for the keys to the left of the front door when you face it.

The lion along with this collection of plant and mirrors lives above the coat closet in the entry.

This is above the cupboards in the kitchen. Above the cupboards above the sink is baskets...this is along the right hand wall - my plants (yes they are real), more baskets, pedestals, and other pieces - oh yeah and a bunch of old mirrors. My favorite mirror is the one with the bad silvering and the oval top. It is hard to see in the pics but another nice mirror is round with a gold frame...

This is one of the first things I bought for this house. It was more expensive than I should have paid but it has always given me satisfaction. It hangs above the sink in the kitchen.

Little display sitting on top of a bread box on the dining room table. Just note cards and floral frogs.


  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Ooo you have some real pretty things! :)

  2. I love the idea of using the floral frogs to hold pretty note cards. I'm looking forward to buying some plants after we move. My kitchen has a nice window with space for plants and such right over the sink, with a gorgeous view of the hills and valley.

  3. Ahhh...

    Such beauty.

    I've a new reason to admire you. You can keep plants alive.

    My sister tried to give me a cutting of a very nice vine on Thanksgiving Day.

    I just could not take it.

    You cannot begin to believe how thrilled I am that my three children grew to adulthood.

    I've a rotten track record with living things.

  4. I see you have a passion for plants just like me!! I had to give many away during our travels with the military..but now that we are settled in our permanent home I am able to have fun with my green thumb!!

  5. Thanks plants and junk are always interesting to me - simply because I think nothing of them until someone comes into the house and stares at them...then I realize - it is a lot...

  6. Oh I love everything! You have a real sense of style. I love the plants. Unfortunately, I have a thumb of doom...blacker than black. It just doesn't seem right to keep subjecting plants to me. lol They tremble as I drive them home.

    So neat to see your picture of the snow guy. :) The painting by your friend is lovely and I had to laugh about it not intentionally matching the walls. The nativity scene is so beautiful. Your fil outdid himself!