Saturday, November 18, 2006


Jenny knows love
paints blue whorls
on cheeks and splatters
sacrifices on thighs.
She knows worship
is a desiccant that shrivels
youth into a seed trapped
in folded skins
of abandoned women.

She goes to her apartment
varnishes nails with gold
icon paint and leaves
on pedestal heels.

This poem is an old one for me - from 2001. I wrote it after walking down the hall with a very 'glamourous' friend that I worked with at the time. I have no idea the context of the conversation but I remember telling her she should use gold icon paint. It came down as a poem very, very quickly.

It is a poem that easily explains why I will never be able put a "Christian Blog " tag on my blog. I do no think these things run counter my Christianity, however, they may prove a stumbling point for some.


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  2. Hi Me, Sorry for deleting the last comment, I had posted it before correcting typos. Anyway, here it is...

    I have a pagan background as well. I'm in the process of trying to shed the bathwater (occultism, self worship, power focus) but still keep the baby (appreciating nature--both inner and outer, appreciating beauty and dreams and story, honoring both male and female energy as reflecting God's heart...archetypal stuff basically). The "baby" of it is, just like you said, not counter to Christianity at all, in fact it's at the heart of it.

    Thank you so much Me for all the kind comments on my blog, and for your thoughts and prayers : )

    Blessed Sunday : ) Wendy

    PS I am linking to you when I next update the links, it will either be under "Journals on the Journey" or "Because Life is an Art"