Thursday, October 26, 2006

little teeny tiny purses

This is a little purse that I made myself last summer - it is just the right size for my credit card wallet...if I had a cell phone it would be great for a phone bag.

This little purse is a gift for my SIL. I am very pleased with it. I modified the above pattern slightly and the modifications worked out well...

A friend of mine saw the celtic knot purse wanted to buy some purses as gifts for the grand-daughters. This and that occured and I am making them as a gift for my friend to regift for the grands.

I am glad I am making them as a gift as I would feel guilty making money off them. I struggled in the making of them. For some reason the fabric had a mine of its own - I pulled out stitches in both of them - and I hate to rip seams - I avoid it at all costs. The orange one had more seam ripping than I've done in the past year. Then my sewing machine got balky and the clothe's line cord really was a bit too bulky. I feel bad that I struggled with them when the other two purses were so easy.

I love the fabric and the buttons I used on them though. I hope the grands like them.


  1. They're wonderful! Sometimes that just happens and there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it. They turned out beautifully in the end. :)

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I really like the beads and colors. Those are great bags :-)
    Thank you for coming to visit my blog.

  3. The little purses are so neat - I especially like the one you made for your sister-in-law. The pictures in your prairie gallery are excellent- love the one that is just the horse's nose! Thanks for stopping by my blog.