Sunday, October 15, 2006

i'll fly away

This is a collage I made on Friday night. It started with the idea of "I'll Fly Away" and an idea of how I would accomplish it. Three hours later I had something a million miles from the original idea - it is funny how collages do that sometimes.

On the piano keyboard it says "The Very First Lesson." on the lower-right artifact it says "A Study In Scales" the dove's song is "Joy Ride," the insect is a firefly, and the map says unexplored territory

Strange Dreams is an older collage that I've never photographed.

To see more collages and more stuff that I've added to my craft gallery [including more tin can votives (which I will try to write a tutorial for)] go here:

I had a busy weekend. I worked on many, many projects and did some cleaning. I also finished my book for book club, but far and away the biggest chunk of my weekend was spent on a photoshoot for a friend's children. I hope the shots turn out nice - so far the ones I've worked on disappoint me.

Tomorrow I will meet my sister April about an hour and half away (about half way between the two of us) at an apple orchard to pick apples and have a good time with my girls. I'm sure that will yield many photos.


  1. These clipboards are gorgeous! What size are they? I particularly like the blue, very soothing and yet mysterious.

  2. julie,

    Thanks - they are all thrifted - the sun, the notes, and the 'i'll fly away' clipboard are 11X13. The rest are 8.5X11. I love clipboards - the 11X13 are a little easier to work on but they are a great work surface no matter what.



  3. I love the clipboards, too! I've stopped trying to start with an idea. It just stalls me. I draw or paint what I feel and then read and read until something catches my attention and says "hey, put me in your collage." lol

    Yours are so awesome. I bet the photographs are beautiful also.

    Now I'm going to wander over to your gallery.

  4. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Oh! So VERY beautiful!