Thursday, October 12, 2006

a corner of my bedroom

The book I am reading for book club "A Can of Peas" by Traci it there is a quote "You can tell so much about a person by what they keep in their home, what they have nearby to comfort themselves in their lonely hours."

Here is corner of our bedroom:

What you see is a closed bookcase with our 'nicer' books in it. A cheap light house print we picked up once at MOA - a sailboat print from Target - a Galilean themometer given to us as a gift, a wooden pen Tim received as a gift, Tim's grandfather's old binoculars, a glass candy dish "Remember the Maine" from one of Tim's great aunts after they passed away, and a box I decoupaged with maps for is decoupaged top, sides, back and inside the drawer.

The single switch plate is just to the left of the bookshelf corner - the double switchplate is at the entrance of the room. I made them as gifts for Tim for Christmas last year - they were the first switchplates that I decoupaged.


  1. I love this!!! What a great idea to decoupage the switchplates too. I painted some but now I'll have to try decoupaging some. I have a binocular holder very, very similar to yours sitting on the dressing table in my bedroom. It holds my deodorant, hair gel and some lotion.

    I love the little lamb pillow. I saw it in the gallery before I saw it here. :)

  2. Anonymous7:50 PM


    I nearly fainted from the pure joy of how your 'corner' looks!

    The decoupage map box is so charming!

    Sadly, I cannot post corners of my bedroom, as I am sorting clothes and making quite a mess of it too.

  3. Lisa, What a brilliant idea for a thrifted binocular case!! This one holds his grandpa's but now...I will have to keep my eyes out for binocular cases!!

    Judy! I am glad you like the map box! I rather like it was my first project of that sort and I learned a few things while doing it - would do it differently if I did it again...but I love the way it looks.


  4. A beautiful corner! Your decoupage projects are fabulous.