Friday, October 31, 2008

purely busy

So here is the Scrabble board that gave me so many fits. The Sven and Ole book with this class has been ordered. Considering the variable light and the fact that I felt I should hurry for the teacher's sake. I like how the photos turned out. I post-processed them to give them a vintage 60-70's color film look - slightly desaturated and not quite on - a bit faded and grainy.

I made a Connect Four frame for Grace's class using the funny face and happy face photos.

I've been asked to post-process and organize the photo book for the second grade classes photos. I ran into the lady who was taking the photos in a dark hallway and a dark blanket behind them. I talked to her for awhile and then tactfully moved her to a more well lit location, reversed the blanket to the light blue side and fiddled with the camera to maximize the settings, and make sure the flash wouldn't pop and wash out the kid's faces. I will work on the photos for that this weekend.

In addition, I've decided to donate a photo shoot to the auction. I also spent a bit of time with the preschool Sunday school teacher brain-storming a Nativity shoot she wants to do.


  1. Your projects turned out great! Very nice idea with the Scrabble board to use the tile holders on the edges.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. Your are busy. And your talents are in demand! As usual, Love The Photos!

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    They're so cool, especially the connect four one!

  4. As mentioned crop is debatable. but as for the other works, it is all good. World through someone else's eye.

  5. I love both of your game ideas,You have been very busy.

  6. Oh, but how that 'busy' paid off!


    I would love to shadow you for a day, just to actually see how you work.

  7. Whimsical ~ love these! Creativity abounds.

    PS I thought I commented on this a couple of days ago. I know I was interrupted while I was on your blog, so I guess I never said anything 'cause I was starting here. *sigh* Some days I don't know if I'm coming or going. :o)

    I'm catching up with you while my three youngest make tonight's salad. LOL we'll see how that goes!